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As of 14 August 2020, passport holders of 45 specified countries may apply for Ukraine’s electronic visa (e-Visa), Ukraine eVisa is issued by the MFA as a single entry valid for up to 30 days. The e-Visa system is an online method of applying for visas for entry from anywhere in the world. Some advantages of this system to the traveler are that visas can be applied for quickly over the Internet at any time, from any location, and payment is made online at the time of the visa application. Travelers will receive the Ukraine e-Visa via email. We recommend printing the e-Visa as you must show the document upon entry and have it with you for the duration of your stay. 

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e visa Ukraine

Detail about the e visa 

30 Days single entry e visa Ukraine


Ukraine E Visa are issued by the MFA as single entry  visa valid for up to 30 days.Foreigners-holders of passports of 52 specified countries may apply for  e Visa

e visas seem intimidating and complicated, but with us by your side, you won’t have to spend your time doing hours of research about the process, unsure of what to do, when to do or how to do it. We streamline the process and give you your best shot at approval, equipping you with valuable tools and information. E VISA UA has assisted thousands of visa applicants.

Ukraine e-Visa Eligible Countries




electronic visa UkraineBHUTAN

electronic visa UkraineCAMBODIA

electronic visa UkraineCHINA


electronic visa UkraineDOMINICAN REPUBLIC

electronic visa UkraineEL SALVADOR


Ukraine eVisaGRENADA

electronic visa UkraineGUATEMALA

Ukraine eVisaHAITI

electronic visa UkraineHONDURAS


electronic visa UkraineINDONESIA

electronic visa UkraineJAMAICA


electronic visa UkraineLAOS

electronic visa UkraineMALAYSIA

electronic visa UkraineMALDIVES

electronic visa UkraineMAURITIUS

electronic visa UkraineMEXICO


electronic visa UkraineMYANMAR


electronic visa UkraineNEPAL

Ukraine eVisaNICARAGUA



electronic visa UkrainePERU


Ukraine eVisaSAINT LUCIA




electronic visa UkraineSINGAPORE



electronic visa UkraineSURINAME

Ukraine eVisaTHAILAND

Ukraine eVisaTIMOR-LESTE

electronic visa UkraineTRINIDAD &TOBAGO



To apply for e Visa Ukraine you are required to


  • Creat new user

  • To apply for e-Visa you have to register – create your personal account, where you can fill in an e-Visa application form Before registration you can check whether you are required to obtain e-Visa for entering Ukraine. In this regard choose the country of your nationality and the purpose of your visit.

  • General information about the applicant

  • As indicated in passport
  • Documents certifying the identity of the applicant

  • Place of residence of the applicant

  • Telephone number
  • Travel Information

  • Not less then 10 working days before visit
  • Scan Copies Of Documents

    • JPEG or JPG image (The Passport Document Pages Containing Personal Data)
    • Optional Documents

      • JPEG or JPG image (A Valid Medical Insurance Policy With Coverage of At Least 30000 Euro or Its Equivalent In Other Currency)
        • JPEG or JPG image ( Confirm Return Air Ticket or Agreement For Tourist Services or Document Confirming Hotel Reservation or Payment For Accommodation And Dining In Ukraine)
          • JPEG or JPG image ( A Document Confirming Hotel Reservation or Agreement For Tourist Services (Voucher), or A Document Confirming The Foreigner Will Receive in the territory of Ukraine the tourist Services on Arrangement Of Visits To The Objects Of Culture, Recreation, etc.
          • As indicated in the passport
          • Photo is required JPEG OR JPG Image
          • Must Be Scanned

          We will provide you in package with no additional cost 

          important information about e visa Ukraine

          An application form can not be issued earlier than 3 months before visit and not less then 10 working days before visit

          Applicant’s passport should have at least 3-months validity from the time of entry into Ukraine and at least two blank page.

          E-Visas are issued by the MFA of Ukraine as single entry tourist or business visa valid for up to 30 days.

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          Most Popular Questions

          From 14 August 2020 foreigners-holders of passports of 45 specified countries may apply for Ukraine’s electronic visa (e-Visa) to Visit/Business/private/medical mass media purpose, visitors from eligible countries to Ukraine are legally required to hold a valid E-Visa to travel to Ukraine, It replaces the visa label or stamp in a passport and removes the need for application forms and in-person visits to the Ukrainian Consulate/VFS/Embassy.

          Citizens of 45 countries are eligible to  apply for a E-Visa for Purpose of  Tourism / Business / Private / Medical Treatment / Cultural-Scientific-Educational-Sports Activities / Foreign Mass Media Staff Ukraine

          Eligible citizens traveling for Tourism/Business purposes have the option to apply for an Ukraine electronic visa. However, it is very important to know that the Ukraine E-Visa must still be issued in advance of departure, the process cannot be done on arrival in Ukraine. 

          No, it is not possible to apply for a Ukraine e-visa at the airport.

          Eligible citizens traveling for Tourism/Business purposes have the option to apply for a Ukraine E-Visa online before they depart for Ukraine, However, it is very important to know that the Ukraine E-Visa must still be issued in advance of departure; the process takes several days and cannot be done on arrival in Ukraine.

          The validity period of an e-Visa is 30 days single entry with no right to extend.

          A visa (e-Visa or otherwise) only grants you permission to travel to an entry point (airport). The final decision on granting entry will be at the discretion of the Immigration Officer at the point of entry.


          The Ukraine e-Visa costs 85 $+2.5% charge. Additionally, there is a service fee of 110$


          • BAHAMAS 
          • BARBADOS
          • BELIZE
          • BHUTAN
          • CAMBODIA
          • CHINA
          • COSTA RICA
          • EL SALVADOR
          • FIJI
          • GRENADA
          • GUATEMALA
          • HAITI
          • HONDURAS
          • INDIA
          • INDONESIA
          • JAMAICA
          • KIRIBATI
          • LAOS
          • MALAYSIA
          • MALDIVES
          • MAURITIUS
          • MEXICO
          • MICRONESIA
          • MYANMAR
          • NAURU
          • NEPAL
          • NICARAGUA
          • PALAU
          • PERU
          • PHILIPPINES
          • SAINT LUCIA
          • SAMOA
          • SEYCHELLES
          • SINGAPORE
          • SOLOMON ISLAND
          • SOUTH AFRICA
          • SURINAME
          • THAILAND
          • TIMOR-LESTE
          • TRINIDAD &TOBAGO
          • TUVALU
          • VANUATU

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